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23 September, 2022
The United Nations and the Uyghurs

The United Nations released a human rights report on August 31 confirming credible evidence of torture and other human rights abuses by China against ...more

16 September, 2022
Redefining genocide: Uyghur concentration camps

The UN just confirmed torture and other human rights abuses at Uyghur concentration camps in an official human rights report. Prominent Uyghur activis ...more

09 September, 2022
The scam business

Human trafficking rings in Cambodia have been forcing victims from Taiwan to engage in online scams to trick people around the world of their money. T ...more

02 September, 2022
Human trafficking rings

Taiwansese have become victims of huge human trafficking rings operating in Vietnam, Myanmar and South Asia. Natalie Tso speaks with Mina Chiang, the ...more

26 August, 2022
Helping girls in Afghanistan

Tune into Taiwan Today as Natalie Tso speaks with Asuntha Charles, the national director of World Vision Afghanistan, about the challenges women and g ...more

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