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The Strait Up Podcast

Host Chris Gorin interviews experts about global affairs with a focus on East Asia and offering a perspective from Taiwan. 

The Strait Up Podcast is the successor to Taiwan Today hosted by Natalie Tso.

What's On

10 June, 2022
Top Gun and Taiwan

Tune into Taiwan Today as Natalie Tso speaks with Chris Casquejo, VOA correspondent in Washington DC, about about the significance of Top Gun Maverick ...more

03 June, 2022
Taiwan's biggest COVID outbreak

Natalie Tso speaks with computational biologist Chase W. Nelson about Taiwan's latest COVID outbreak and how we can slow the spread of Omicron. ...more

27 May, 2022
Greater UK support for Taiwan

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss receently stated that NATO must ensure Taiwan's defense.  Natalie Tso speaks with David Spencer, the co-founder of the ...more

20 May, 2022
Biden in Asia

Natalie Tso speaks with VOA correspondent Jessica Stone about President Joe Biden's first trip to Asia as president, the recent US-ASEAN summit, and t ...more

13 May, 2022
Easing Taiwan's COVID anxiety

Natalie Tso speaks with National Taiwan University Public Health Professor Chan Chang-chuan about why he thinks Taiwan should loosen up its quarantine ...more

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