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The Strait Up Podcast

Host Chris Gorin interviews experts about global affairs with a focus on East Asia and offering a perspective from Taiwan. 

The Strait Up Podcast is the successor to Taiwan Today hosted by Natalie Tso.

What's On

14 April, 2023
Taiwanese cuisine

Food journalist Clarissa Wei shares what makes Taiwanese unique and different than Chinese cuisine. ...more

07 April, 2023
Tsai and McCarthy

President Tsai Ing-wen will transit in the US and meet with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California.  Natalie Tso speaks to Tamkang University P ...more

31 March, 2023
US arms sales to Taiwan

The US has approved US$619 million worth of arms sales to Taiwan including missiles for its F16 fighter jets, and will be sending more troops towards ...more

24 March, 2023
Female ambassadors

Natalie Tso speaks with Belize Ambassador Candace Pitts and Taiwan's ambassador to the United States Hsiao Bi-khim about their work and their insights ...more

10 March, 2023
Celebrating women through art

A women's art exhibit is being held at the National Central Library this month to celebrate the many roles that women play in society. Natalie Tso spe ...more

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