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Interviews The Strait Up Podcast

The Strait Up Podcast

Host Chris Gorin interviews experts about global affairs with a focus on East Asia and offering a perspective from Taiwan. 

The Strait Up Podcast is the successor to Taiwan Today hosted by Natalie Tso.

What's On

06 January, 2023
Taiwan and the global chip industry

Chip industry insider Dave Adelman, Managing Director of Siltronic AG in Taiwan, talks about Taiwan's role in the global chip industry. ...more

30 December, 2022
The biggest news impacting Taiwan in 2022

A look back at the biggest news and events impacting Taiwan in 2022 with commentary by Bonnie Glaser, Asia Program Director of the German Marshall Fun ...more

23 December, 2022
A new UK approach towards Taiwan

The Taiwan Policy Centre, a new UK think tank that focuses on Taiwan policy, believes that the UK should recalibrate its policy towards Taiwan. Its re ...more

16 December, 2022
How the world should deal with China

Tiananmen protest leader Wu'er Kaixi talks with Natalie Tso about how the world and Taiwan should deal with China. Wu'er Kaixi is currently the Genera ...more

09 December, 2022
China's protests

Tiananmen protests leader Wu'er Kaixi gives his take on the recent protests in China. He says it's not just about COVID.  ...more

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