Lonely Planet praises Taiwan as “secret foodie wonderland”

  • 18 March, 2014
  • Editor

Renowned travel guide Lonely Planet calls Taiwan a “secret foodie wonderland” for its diversity of culinary influences.

The author, Megan Eaves, wrote the article after having visited and tasted the foods in Taiwan. She said that the word “fusion” is used too often in culinary circles but the Taiwanese really know what fusion food is all about.

Eaves said that Taiwan has a long history of colonization from the Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. Many Taiwanese dishes have managed to blend local tastes with different culinary influences to come up with hybrid creations.

Eaves made a list of Taiwan’s “don’t-miss dishes”, which include small pork dumplings filled with soup broth, beef noodles, flaky flatbread made with scallions, and pork sandwiches. She also made an “if-you-dare dishes” list which includes stinky tofu, fried sandworms, pig intestines and black century eggs.

Eaves also listed Taiwanese beverages that people should not miss. They include pearl milk tea, oolong tea, Taiwan beer and Taiwan’s own coffee.


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