Senior civil servants pursuing advance education in China will face penalties

  • 29 October, 2014
  • Editor
Interior Minister Chen Wei-zen

Senior civil servants pursuing advanced education in China will face penalties starting October 30. That’s the word from Interior Minister Chen Wei-zen on Wednesday.

Senior civil servants are banned from studying in China. But there are still many who flout the regulations and travel to China to pursue further education. The interior ministry has recently approved penalties for officials that violate the ban on study in China.

“The interior ministry is in charge of personnel," said Chen. "We have made it very clear in the revised regulations that senior civil servants, including contract workers serving in government agencies that deal with confidential work, are now banned from studying in China. Any violations will be dealt with in accordance with the law.”

The minister said the penalties were approved after careful consideration of Taiwan’s national security needs. But different agencies can decide if the new law should be applied to past infringements.


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