Experts warn against storing food in electric cookers

  • 09 January, 2019
  • John Van Trieste
Nutritionists warn that food should not be stored in electric cookers for long periods.

Electric cookers are a convenient way of heating up food. But nutritionists warn that the practice of leaving leftover food in these cookers between meals carries health risks.

Electric food cookers are a staple appliance in kitchens and office break rooms across Taiwan. These appliances can not only prepare food but also keep it warm for long periods. The warming feature is especially popular, and it may even seem like a good idea to keep leftovers from one meal warm inside a food cooker ready to go for the next meal.

However, nutritionists say that storing food this way creates a significant risk of food poisoning. They say illness-causing germs can thrive on food stored at between 7-60C. They also say that food left in an electric cooker overnight can contain aflatoxins, a type of carcinogen linked with cancer of the liver.

Nutritionists say that leftover food should instead be put in the refrigerator within two hours of cooking.


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