Taiwan to see partial lunar and partial solar eclipse in 2019

  • 07 February, 2019
  • Natalie Tso
Taiwan will see more exciting celestial events this year (CNA file photo of 2018 lunar eclipse)

The Taipei Astronomical Museum said that the two most exciting celestial events in Taiwan this year will be a partial lunar eclipse and partial solar eclipse.

The partial lunar eclipse is expected to take place between 4:01 am and 5:15 am on July 17. That’s when the moon reaches its closest to the center of the earth’s umbra.

A museum researcher said that at the peak of the eclipse, the full moon will appear copper around two-thirds of its surface. The phenomenon will be visible to the naked eye if weather permits.

On December 26, Taiwan wills see a partial solar eclipse. The duration will vary throughout the island. In Taipei, it will occur between 12:44pm and 3:32 pm. The moon will cover a third of the view of the sun from earth.


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