Prominent temple makes predictions for 2019

  • 08 February, 2019
  • John Van Trieste
Divining what the coming year will hold.

What will the new year bring? Each time the Lunar New Year comes around, believers in Taiwan’s folk religion turn to temples for answers.

A string of temples has already released predictions for how Taiwan will fare in the Year of the Pig. Now, an especially prominent temple has come out with its own fortune forecast.

Throughout Taiwan, temples draw lots at each Lunar New Year to try and gauge what the coming year has in store. Each lot is assigned a poem. Once a lot is drawn, the temple interprets the corresponding poem for signs of what’s to come.

The Dajia Jenn Lann Temple in Taichung recently performed its own lot drawing ceremony, drawing four lots in total.

The first was used to predict Taiwan’s future in the coming year. Based on the poem drawn, big ups and downs are expected to come in quick succession. The poem hints that Taiwan should take advantage of new opportunities in the new year.

Two further lots predicted a bumper harvest.

A final lot was taken to be a sign of a possible water shortage during the year. However, the temple says its patron goddess, Mazu, is believed to bring rain, and will be able to help overcome any water shortages ahead.


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