VIDEO: Japanese magazine introduces Tainan in June edition

  • 12 June, 2019
  • Shirley Lin
An old street in Tainan

Shennong Old Street in Tainan has been dubbed “the most beautiful alley” in the old capital city. It has a particular attraction for young lovers- the 100-year-old bronze keyhole in the shape of a heart of the Gold Temple’s gate.

The street has attracted many Japanese tourists, and Japanese magazine PEN has put a photo of it on the cover of its June edition.

This isn’t the only publication from Japan that has taken notice of Tainan. The magazine Brutus exhibited yet another famous Tainan street on its cover twice last year. Men’s magazine Popeye also introduced Tainan in its April edition this year.

According to the Japan Association of Travel Agents, Taiwan has been Japanese people’s first pick for overseas travel in recent years, with Tainan one of their favorite destinations.


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