VIDEO: Artists brave rain to finish sand sculptures ahead of expo

  • 13 June, 2019
  • John Van Trieste
Sand sculptors are working in the rain to finish their works ahead of a sand sculpture expo in Taichung.

Summer is the time of year when Taiwan’s sand sculptors show off their skills in outdoor displays. But the start of the season can also bring heavy rain to Taiwan. Artists taking part in one sand sculpture expo in Taichung are out in the middle of it all, racing to finish their projects on time.

Taiwan has been drenched this past week, with heavy downpours across much of the island. It’s certainly indoor weather, but there’s at least one group of people out battling the elements. They have a job to do.

This is a group of dedicated artists up against a deadline. The central city of Taichung is hosting a sand sculpture festival at the end of the month, and the sculptures must be finished by opening day.

You might think that soggy sand would make a terrible building material for a sculpture, but if you do, you’re probably not a sand sculptor. One artist says the area where the festival will be held has particularly fine sand. Before work starts, it’s pressed into hard, compact bricks that are somewhat waterproof.

The sculptures may be able to hold up against the rain, but selfie-snapping tourists may be another matter. Bumping into a sculpture could cause serious damage, and so each work will be cordoned off just to be safe.


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