VIDEO: Gov’t sets up tourist shuttle bus on Matsu Islands

  • 10 July, 2019
  • Jake Chen
Qinbi Village on Matsu Islands. (CNA Photo)

The Lienchiang County government, which administers Taiwan’s outlying Matsu Islands, has announced a new tourist bus line that will shuttle visitors to different tourist spots.

The outlying Matsu Islands are known for scenic views, including the famous “blue tears”- a glittering night time display of glowing algae- and Qinbi Village, with its Mediterranean-style architecture.

In an effort to promote local tourism, the Lienchiang County Government is starting a tourist bus line to help visitors get around between famous spots.

Lienchieng County Secretary General Chang Lung-te says the islands’ roads are not safe for cycling or driving. He said tickets for the new bus service will start at NT$200 (US$6.40), and that he hopes the buses will bring more tourist traffic to the islands.


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