VIDEO: Survey finds 66% of young people want online fame

  • 12 July, 2019
  • John Van Trieste
Many young people in Taiwan dream on online celebrity, but fame does not necessarily equal wealth.

The proliferation of smart phones and social media has created a new world of online celebrity. A survey released Thursday shows that Taiwan’s young people want in to this world of virtual fame.

But the same survey also shows that most who have actually tried launching a career as an internet star don’t make enough to pay the bills.

It’s an alluring story: a recent graduate making close to minimum wage decides to make a change and works her way to online stardom. In one live web show done for a shopping network, she brings in more than US$3000 worth of sales in the space of just one hour.

This isn’t the premise of a movie- it’s the real story of Taiwanese internet celebrity Hua Hua.

A growing number of young Taiwanese people are dreaming of similar success. A new survey by job hunting site yes123 shows that a full 66% of Taiwanese people born between 1991 and 2001 want to become the next internet sensation.

However, fame does not necessarily translate into wealth: the survey also shows that 77% of Taiwanese people who have actually become internet celebrities say they don’t earn enough from their online stardom to make ends meet offline.


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