VIDEO: Hikers encounter Formosan black bear in eastern Taiwan

  • 13 August, 2019
  • Jake Chen
Hikers encounter Formosan black bear in eastern Taiwan. (CNA Photo)

A group of mountaineers encountered a Formosan black bear in Taitung, eastern Taiwan on Sunday. This was one of several incidents where the rare indigenous bear has appeared. 

Mobile phone footage shows that a Formosan black bear is poking its head out of the grass. The footage was taken by one of six hikers who walked along Hongshilin Road in Taitung County. 

The mountaineer said she was scared stiff when she spotted the bear, but she and her friends just began singing and walked away. 

Liu Chyung-lien, the director of the Taitung Forestry Bureau, said if one encounters a black bear in the open, the correct response is to keep calm and make loud noises that will drive the bear away. 

The official also said this was one of several close encounters in recent months between people and bears that have left their habitat in the mountains. The forestry bureau said they will enlist help from wildlife experts to find out why Formosan black bears have begun to leave their natural habitat.


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