VIDEO: Convenience stores to cut down on plastic use

  • 14 August, 2019
  • Jake Chen
Taiwan supermarkets to cut down on plastic use. (CNA Photo)

Following the government’s recent ban on plastic straws at public institutions and department stores, Taipei convenience stores have joined hands to further cut down on Taiwan’s plastic habit. 

Starting Wednesday, over 800 7-11 convenience stores in Taipei will stop handing out plastic drinking straws along with drinks purchased in-store. To help shoppers adjust, these stores have adopted new type of cup that don’t require a straw to drink from. 

Convenience stores are not on the list of places where the government has banned straws. But these stores have decided to ditch straws anyway for the sake of the environment. FamilyMart will join in the trend beginning mid-September. And getting rid of straws is only the beginning. Starting in September, convenience stores will also replace the plastic packaging used for deli products with lest wasteful plastic wrap. The move is projected to cut plastic use by 6.4 tons a year. 

Customers say that while it was hard to forgo straws for drinks like bubble tea, they are gradually getting on board with the movement to stop using straws. They say the change is worth it, since it helps to reduce pollution and save the planet. 


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