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Jello mooncakes and more innovations cater to special groups

  • 10 September, 2019
  • Natalie Tso
Jello mooncakes and more innovations cater to special groups
Jello mooncakes

Taiwan celebrates the Moon Festival on Friday. Mooncakes are one of the specialties enjoyed during this holiday. This year, Taiwan has come out with innovative jello mooncakes for the elderly and other creative innovations on the traditional cake.  

These jello mooncakes are perfect for the elderly who have trouble biting solid food. Mr. Lee enjoyed his and says it melts in your mouth.

Traditional mooncakes are harder to bite into and can stick to your teeth.  Kaohsiung’s Siaogang hospital made the jello mooncakes with freshly made dragon fruit juice. They mixed in rice, sugar and gelatin and poured the mix into molds to create these refreshing jello mooncakes.

A nutritionist created the jello mooncakes, while this new mooncake has a Southeast Asian touch. Kaohsiung’s Vietnamese Association Director Tsen Huan Chiong says the seeds are sesame seeds. The unique mooncake also has sausage, chicken, nuts and Southeast Asian spices. Tsen said she was yearning for these flavors so she bought the ingredients and made her own mooncake. She also made a banana flavored one using banana oil. She says it may remind Taiwanese of the flavor of banana popsicles.

It looks like there are more and more creative mooncakes to help make everyone feel at home during the Mid-Autumn Festival.


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