Taiwan first in world to set R&D guidelines for AI

  • 23 September, 2019
  • Shirley Lin
The science and technology ministry publishes guidelines for R&D in AI.

The Ministry of Science and Technology on Monday published the world's first guidelines for research and development in the area of artificial intelligence.

Minister Chen Liang-gee said artificial intelligence is the most powerful tool in the history of the human race. He said the science and technology ministry has the responsibility of helping humans be able to trust it.

Chen said that during the learning process for creating artificial intelligence, all of the information that’s collected must be preserved in its complete form. He said the source of the information must be clear because everything that AI learns depends on the gathered information.

Chen said, “Once the AI programming is complete, it will act upon whatever information you feed it. So if the information you feed it is biased, the artificial intelligence will be biased. If the information you feed it leans in a certain direction, it will deviate toward that direction. The person writing the program cannot control it. It’s the information that controls the AI. At this point, the maintenance of the information, and the storage of the data during training, becomes important. The person providing the digital information must be ethical.”

Chen said that when it comes to standards for artificial intelligence, right now the world is mostly just setting guidelines, not rules and regulations. He said that the different fields that use AI will be the ones to create the regulations.


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