VIDEO: Election fever could affect job prospects

  • 19 November, 2019
  • Natalie Tso
Yes 123 releases online survey about election and jobs (CNA)

A recent online survey by YES123 shows that Taiwan is getting a severe case of election fever. Most people in Taiwan are planning to vote and many claim to be very interested in elections. This could affect one’s career prospects. A fan of a particular candidate reported loss of job opportunity due to his political leanings.

Luo Jie made a Captain Taiwan shield as show support for his favorite candidate.  He’s been an active fan but he also said that he lost a job because his favorite candidate differs than that of the company management. Luo said,"Two days before I was supposed to report for work, human resources sent me a message saying, 'We cannot offer you a job because your beliefs are different than that of company management.'"

One third of people surveyed want to get part time election-related jobs. This guy, Wu Chi Hong, makes a lot of extra cash during campaign time for his impersonation skills.

 Here he is impersonating KMT Chairman, former Vice President Wu Den-yi. Wu said he one month, he had 26 gigs and made over NT$800,000 (US$26,000).

A Yes123 survey shows that 40% of employees are really into politics around election time and over 20% of employers probe into job candidates’ political leanings during job interviews.

But Yes 123 Spokesperson Yang Chong Bing said it is illegal for employers to discriminate against their employees due to partisan leanings. If they do, employers could be fined NT$30,000-NT$1.5 million (US$10,000-US$50,000).

Many employers in Taiwan, however, are quite democratic and support employees right to vote. 61% say they would give extra time off to allow employees to return home to vote.


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