Gymnastics maneuver named after Taiwanese gymnast

  • 02 December, 2019
  • Leslie Liao
Ting Hua-tien has become the first Taiwanese gymnast to have a move named after themselves

The International Gymnastics Federation has officially recognized and named a move after Taiwanese gymnast Ting Hua-tien. Ting is a rising star in Taiwan’s athletic community; she’s the country’s first female gymnast to qualify for the Olympics in 51 years.

Watch out 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Taiwan has a gymnastics star heading your way! Ting Hua-tien is only 17 years old, but she’s the first female Taiwanese gymnast to qualify for the Olympics since 1968 in Mexico. Now, she’s coming armed with another superlative: she has a move named after her. That makes her the first Taiwanese gymnast with that honor.      

The move is called the "Ting Hua-tien split leap to ring position with 180 degree turn," and this is what it looks like....

Ting jumps into the air, and does the splits while turning mid-air. The International Gymnastics Federation has officially added the move to the Code of Points for women's gymnastics.

The maneuver was assigned a difficulty of D on a scale from A to J, with J being the most difficult. Successful execution of the move is worth 0.4 points.

“Since I jumped so well, I decided to throw in a 180 degree turn. Then I realized that no one has done this move before,” Ding said.

Ting’s coach, Tsai Heng-cheng, said that getting the move recognized was a necessity.

“If a move isn’t recognized by the gymnastics rulebook, then it doesn’t count for points. So, we had to apply to make it official,” said Tsai.

Ting says that her next move is to take a medal at the Olympics.


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