VIDEO: Taiwanese enjoy cherry blossoms in Nantou

  • 14 February, 2020
  • Natalie Tso
Cherry blossoms bloom at the Aowanda National Forest

The public is on high alert over the COVID-19. That means some people have even changed travel plans or are staying inside more. But there are places in Taiwan where you can forget your anxieties.

Guess where these cherry blossoms are? It’s not Japan. It’s Taiwan’s Aowanda National Forest in Nantou. Yes, you can wear a kimono and eat ramen noodles in Taiwan.

She says I love eating ramen noodles amidst all these cherry blossoms.  It’s just like going to Japan she says. It’s rare to see so many cherry blossoms.

Now is the time to go to the Aowanda National Forest - about 80% of the 5000 cherry blossoms there are in bloom. Even with fears of COVID-19, 8000 visitors come to the forest every day. And outdoors, many are not wearing masks.

Forest official Huang Jui-chi says they’ll be in bloom until the end of February. The Yae, Fuji and Yoshino cherry blossoms will continue to blossom. 

Out in Miaoli County, you can enjoy walking in the lupine fields. The agricultural council planted 9 hectares of lupines in the Bajia Tea District.  It’s a great place to enjoy some fresh air and take  pictures. 

A visitor says the blue skies [and flowers] make for great pictures. Miaoli agricultural official Hsieh Chin-ming says that they use the lupines to attract tourists and attention to the Bajia Tea District. 

Going outdoors and enjoying nature may be one of the best ways to let go of anxiety over the recent virus.


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