US Senator Cruz introduces SOS act to allow display of Taiwan flag

  • 14 February, 2020
  • Shirley Lin
US Senator Ted Cruz (Photo by RTI reporter Zhaokun Wang)

US Senator Ted Cruz has introduced the Taiwan Symbols of Sovereignty (SOS) Act which would allow diplomats from Taiwan to display the national flag and wear their uniforms during official visits to the US.

Cruz said that introduction of the act is a reversal of former US President Barack Obama’s 2015 Guidelines on the Relationship with Taiwan. The guidelines prohibited the display of Taiwan’s national flag at any US government agencies, at the request of the Chinese government.

A co-sponsor of the Taiwan SOS Act, US Senator Tom Cotton said the act would help deepen economic and security cooperation between Taiwan and the US.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s foreign ministry on Friday thanked the US for taking friendly actions to relax restrictions on exchanges between Taiwan and the US.


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