Pop-up cartoon of health minister proves popular

  • 16 March, 2020
  • Leslie Liao
Pop-up cartoon of health minister proves popular
Taiwanese artist Tonn Hsu created this cartoon pop-up of health minister Chen Shih-chung

Taiwan’s health officials are winning hearts across the country for their efforts combatting COVID-19. Some people have even created fan art in their honor.

Appreciation for Taiwan’s health officials has reached an all-time high. Their efforts fighting COVID-19 have turned them into local stars.

Take for example, Health Minister Chen Shih-chung. His success protecting Taiwan from COVID-19 have made him so popular that people want a miniaturized version of him on their desk.

This cartoon pop-up of the health minister was created by local artist Tonn Hsu. Hsu is sharing the files for free online so you can make your own mini minister Chen.

Tonn says she’s been watching the Central Epidemic Command Center’s daily press conferences, and thought it would be fun to make a caricature of Minister Chen. It only took her one afternoon to complete it, and people are absolutely loving it. Up next? Tonn says she’s planning to make a similar pop-up for Digital Minister Audrey Tang.


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