Economics minister: Gov’t plans to issue coupons to boost consumption

  • 25 March, 2020
  • Jake Chen
Economics Minister Shen Jong-chin. (CNA Photo)

Economics Minister Shen Jong-chin says that the government plans to issue coupons to stimulate domestic consumption. 

Shen was speaking Wednesday during a meeting with representatives from Taiwan’s IT industry. He said the new coupons will benefit those who shop online, allowing shoppers to enjoy discounts of between 20% and 25%. He said the coupons can also be used in combination with other discounts already available from e-shopping platforms. 

Shen said the plan to issue coupons comes after a previous program to give vouchers to hotel guests got a poor reception. The funding for the coupons will be earmarked from the government’s NT$40 billion (US$1.32 billion) economic relief package.


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