Taiwan ready to evacuate more citizens from China’s Hubei Province

  • 26 March, 2020
  • Shirley Lin
Strait Exchange Foundation announces two more flights to evacuate Taiwanese nationals from Hubei Province (Photo by RTI reporter Zhaokun Wang)

Taiwan’s flag carrier, China Airlines, is preparing two flights to evacuate Taiwanese nationals and permanent residents from China’s Hubei Province. The flights are scheduled for this weekend.

The Straits Exchange Foundation, a semi-official body in charge of cross-strait affairs, announced the flights Thursday. The capital of Hubei Province, Wuhan, is where the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic originated. The city remains under lockdown, but China has begun lifting travel restrictions on the rest of the province.

The Straits Exchange Foundation says that citizens and permanent residents hoping for a seat on one of these flights will have to call a foundation hotline in advance. They will also have to make their way to Shanghai, from where the flights will depart. That’s because most cross-strait flights remain suspended, and Shanghai is one of the few cities that still has direct flights to Taiwan.

Quarantine and protective measures will be in force both before boarding and after arrival at designated destinations. Arriving citizens will also be placed in quarantine at designated locations for 14 days after they arrive.

Meanwhile, the transportation ministry says that while the planes to be used can normally hold many more people, the number of passengers on each flight will be capped at 220 to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19.


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