Name change for China Airlines would take a year: Official

  • 23 April, 2020
  • Paula Chao
Deputy Transportation Minister Wang Kwo-tsai

Deputy Transportation Minister Wang Kwo-tsai says it will take a year to change the name of Taiwan’s flag carrier. Wang was speaking Thursday at the legislature.

China Airlines has served Taiwan since 1959, when it was founded in Taipei. The government owns a 49% stake in the company. But a recent petition has called for a name change to avoid giving the mistaken impression that it is a Chinese airline.

Wang says that under a consensus the transportation ministry has reached with the airline, any new name for the airline would be painted on new aircraft first. New delivery would also be chosen, featuring design elements that represent Taiwan.

Wang also said Taiwan would have to notify China and other countries of any new name for the airline, as a name change would lead to issues with aviation rights and flight routes.


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