Thunderstorms give way to magnificent vistas in Chiayi

  • 29 June, 2020
  • Leslie Liao
Photographers are taking advantage of weather patterns to capture breathtaking images of Chiayi City

Local photographers have taken advantage of shifting weather patterns to capture breathtaking images down in Southern Taiwan’s Chiayi City.

Taiwan is prone to brutal afternoon thundershowers during the summer. But turbulent weather often gives way to gorgeous scenery like this view captured by local photographer Jason Chen. This time lapse shows a gorgeous sunset cascading with delicate blues and purples, following a thunderstorm.

Two days later, Chen captured another sunset from the same location, but at a different angle. From this perspective, it looks like the clouds are dancing over the setting sun.

Photographer Anthony Liou captured these images overlooking Chiayi City following a rainstorm. Urban lights twinkle like stars in the sky. The air is clear and waterfronts cleanly reflect their surroundings.

Some people responded to the pictures, saying there is indeed a rainbow after every storm. Or in this case: a rainbow of radiant city lights after a bout of rain.


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