Taiwan expels two Chinese journalists for violating regulations

  • 03 July, 2020
  • Shirley Lin
Two Chinese journalists were expelled from Taiwan for violating broadcasting regulations.

Two Chinese journalists were expelled from Taiwan on Friday morning for violating broadcasting regulations. That’s amid a wider investigation into Chinese media outlets that supposedly rented studios in Taiwan to produce political talk shows.

Taiwan began allowing Chinese reporters to come to the island starting in 2000 and allowing them to cover local news. However, political talk shows are beyond the scope of the journalism they are allowed to do in Taiwan.

The two journalists expelled Friday work for Southeast Television, a station based in China’s Fujian Province. At the airport, the journalists said that they were only given 48 hours to leave Taiwan after receiving a notice saying they had violated local news regulations. They said they “feel regret” over being named as violators of broadcasting rules.


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