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Culture ministry suspends plans for global video platform on PTS

  • 29 July, 2020
  • Natalie Tso
Culture ministry suspends plans for global video platform on PTS
Public Television Service (source: PTS website)

The culture ministry has suspended a plan to launch an English-language international video platform for the Public Television Service (PTS). That’s amidst controversy and the resignation of three top PTS executives over the project. 


The ministry had announced the plan earlier in the month. It would have launched a program creating English-language video content focused on introducing Taiwan to the world. 


However, the plan met with criticism from some PTS executives as well as from opposition lawmakers. They said that the government is interfering with the media and asking PTS to be its mouthpiece. 


PTS President Tsao Wen-chieh, Executive Vice President Hsieh Tsui-yu and News Department Manager Su Chi-chen tendered their resignations after a vote at a board meeting on Monday approving the project. 


The ministry’s announcement Wednesday that it will suspend the plan led to one further resignation—that of board member Karen Hsu. Hsu said that by suspending the plan, the ministry has failed to respect the board’s decision.


Despite Wednesday’s announcement, the culture ministry has not given up with the plan altogether. It says that many have high expectations for an English-language media platform in Taiwan. The ministry says it will therefore continue with the plan, but needs to first evaluate the best way of executing it.


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