WATCH: Taiwan Insider, July 30, 2020

  • 30 July, 2020
  • Paula Chao
WATCH: Taiwan Insider, July 30, 2020

[How to stay mentally sharp]

Taiwan’s brilliant Digital Minister Audrey Tang offers solutions not only for containing COVID-19 but also for staying mentally sharp. Hosts Natalie Tso and Andrew Ryan find out how Tang manages her touch screens, and even works while she sleeps! 


-Top 10 ways to cool off, Taiwan-style

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-Leslie Liao plays Taiwan’s Power Lottery on Hashtag Taiwan


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Learn How Taiwan Can Help:

Pomodoro Technique:

Dos Monos Civil Rap Song ft. Audrey Tang:
Audrey Tang in Vogue, Taiwan (Mandarin):

Taipei Zoo panda naming campaign:

Pingtung man becomes Taiwan’s oldest person to file for divorce:

Taiwan Lottery:


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