Pres. Office plans memorial for Lee Teng-hui at Taipei Guesthouse

  • 31 July, 2020
  • Katherine Wei
Former President Lee Teng-hui, center, waves at baseball fans at the 1990 Chinese Professional Baseball League All Star Game.

The Presidential Office announced Friday that it is setting up a public memorial for former President Lee Teng-hui at the Taipei Guesthouse.

The former president passed away on Thursday evening. He was 98 years-old. 

Secretary to the President Su Jia-chyuan held a meeting to plan Lee’s funeral on Friday morning alongside Lee’s daughters, Annie and Anna Lee. Representatives of government ministries were also in attendance.

The memorial at Taipei Guesthouse will be open to the public from August 1 to 16. It will be decorated with relics related to the late former president. Visitors are welcome to bring bouquets of flowers, but the Presidential Office is discouraging gifts of flower wreaths or baskets.


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