Blind girl prepares to become professional track runner

  • 31 July, 2020
  • Katherine Wei
Blind girl prepares to become professional track runner
Wu Yi-rong,left, runs with her training partner.

For many, running can be exhilarating. For one young Taiwanese girl, running is also a way of escaping the bad hand of cards that life has dealt her. 

Fourteen year-old Wu Yi-rong is training to be a professional track athlete. She has only been training for two years, and has already won a gold medal in a 100-meter dash this year. 

Wu is a graceful runner. Watching her run next to her training partner, it is nearly impossible to tell that ffshe is completely blind until you look closer and see the piece of rope they are holding so her partner can guide her. This is how blind professional runners train and compete. 

The young girl is small for her age, because her single-parent family is struggling with debt and often only has enough money for one meal a day. But since last summer, her junior high school has arranged to have her live in a school dormitory and have three square meals a day. This has really helped with her running. 

In her next race, Wu will be competing against disabled adult runners. Her training partner says he has confidence in her. 

Wu says she has never fallen before during a run. She gets nervous before a race, but she says that when she’s nervous, her first reaction is just to break into a run. 


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