Airlines offer special flying for Taiwanese Father’s Day

  • 31 July, 2020
  • Shirley Lin
Families book to fly over Taiwan for Father's Day in Taiwan

Still can’t travel abroad? Well, in Taiwan, there is a new way to at least simulate the international travel experience. With Taiwanese Father’s Day coming up soon, airlines are offering special flight packages that let you take in Taiwan from above.

They might not leave Taiwan’s airspace, and they might land back where they started, but a family trip on one of these flights is the perfect way to let your dad know you love him to the stratosphere and back.

In just around a week from now, three domestic airlines will start flights that circuit Taiwan from above. The flights will begin on August 8, which is Father’s Day in Taiwan. 

The cost per person starts from NT$5,000 (US$170). In addition to a flight time of at least two hours above Taiwan, passengers also get airplane meals and have the opportunity to purchase duty free goods. Little children even get to put on mini flight attendant uniforms and try their hand at serving their parents.

Space is limited: only 30 tickets are available for each flight. All bookings for the first day were sold out in just half an hour. But the flights will continue beyond August 8, so those who can’t wait to take to the air again should be on the lookout for tickets!


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