Transitional Justice Commission to catalogue all intelligence files

  • 05 August, 2020
  • Natalie Tso
Transitional Justice Commission Chair Yang Tsui pays her respects to Chen Wen-chen at his memorial plaza at National Taiwan University (CNA photo)

The Transitional Justice Commission said on Wednesday that it will take inventory of all intelligence files from a range of government agencies. That’s amidst government efforts to confront and make amends for Taiwan’s totalitarian past. 


The plan is to take inventory of all intelligence information from agencies including the National Security Bureau, Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency, and Ministry of Defense. The goal of this project is to establish comprehensive files. 


The commission’s vice chair, Yeh Hung-ling, said, “Every ministry and agency has a different way of managing these. [We will] coordinate with each one to work towards our goal.”


Yeh says that the Transitional Justice Commission has been investigating high profile cases such as the 1981 death of democracy activist Chen Wen-chen and the 1980 Lin Yi-hsiung family murder. It has been able to access new information that sheds greater light on cases such as these. 


Yeh says that while the cataloguing project will not involve investigating old cases, evidence unearthed in the cataloguing process could give new insights into these cases.


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