Czech Senate President Miloš Vystrčil to visit Taiwan in late August

  • 13 August, 2020
  • Paula Chao
Foreign ministry official Johnson Chiang

The foreign ministry says that Czech Senate President Miloš Vystrčil is set to lead a delegation to visit Taiwan in late August despite opposition from China.

On Thursday, foreign ministry official Johnson Chiang said the delegation will be in Taiwan from August 30 to September 4. In addition to politicians, the delegation will also include academics, journalists, cultural workers, and 40 business leaders.

While in Taipei, the business leaders will attend an economic forum in order to boost bilateral cooperation in supply chains.

Chiang says the visit is meant to demonstrate the Czech Republic’s determination to safeguard freedom and democracy, even in the face of pressure from China.

Chiang also says that because Vystrčil’s rank in the Czech government is second only to the Czech president, his visit will bring positive results for bilateral ties, and by extension for Taiwan’s overall relations with the EU.


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