VIDEO: Huwei holds 5,000-table banquet for ghostly visitors

  • 02 September, 2020
  • Katherine Wei
VIDEO: Huwei holds 5,000-table banquet for ghostly visitors
Huwei, Yunlin County, holds a magnificent banquet for the ghosts for the Ghost Month each year.

While Keelung hosts one of Taiwan’s longest and most famous Ghost Month events each year, many other places in Taiwan might lay claim to the title of the most extravagant. For instance, there’s Huwei, a town in Yunlin County that always strives to throw the biggest Ghost Month banquet possible.

Volunteers carry boxes and boxes of food, drinks, and dried goods to a roped-off street in the town of Huwei. These are all offerings to the ghosts who come wandering out from the underworld for one month late each summer.

The seven districts of Huwei come together every year to throw a banquet that is truly out of this world, with 5,000 tables piled high with a feast for their ghostly visitors.

On the day of the banquet, dozens of volunteers set to work early in the morning, setting up magnificent table settings. Others come to help lay out the food.

In addition to ghostly guests, the banquet attracts tens of thousands of living observers each year, and after it ends, the living and the dead can both enjoy ice sculpture displays and a fireworks show at night.


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