War planes rehearsing for National Day: Defense Ministry

  • 24 September, 2020
  • Katherine Wei
War planes rehearsing for National Day: Defense Ministry
A helicopter flying the national flag to celebrate National Day in 2019.

Large numbers of military planes were seen and heard flying over Taipei on Thursday morning. The defense ministry has clarified that the war planes were rehearsing for a performance scheduled for the upcoming National Day. 

Rumors had begun circulating online that the planes may be Chinese, as cross-strait tensions have been especially high recently. China sent over 40 military planes over the Taiwan Strait during the past week, with a number of them crossing the median line into Taiwan’s airspace. 

The planning committee for the National Day celebrations also gave a statement about the rehearsal. The committee said that while it didn’t have to explain practice flyovers in past years, this year’s rehearsals are taking place against a more unusual and sensitive context. 

“We didn’t want the people to pass the wrong information to each other,” committee secretary general Chen Tsung-yen said. 


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