Foreign ministry protests Japan city’s name change for Diaoyutai Is.

  • 01 October, 2020
  • John Van Trieste
In addition to Taiwan, Japan and China claim the Diaoyutai Islands. (Photo Courtesy AFP)

The foreign ministry has protested to Japan after a Japanese municipality changed the official designation for a group of islands that Taiwan claims.

The Diaoyutai Islands, also sometimes referred to as the Senkaku Islands in English, are claimed by Taiwan, Japan, and China.

In June, Japan’s Ishigaki City Council voted to change the administrative designation of the islands to “Tonoshiro Senkaku”, spurred on by continued Chinese patrols nearby.

Taiwan protested the move at the time, calling on both Tokyo and the regional government to avoid upsetting Taiwan’s people and damaging Taiwan-Japan friendship. However, the city council has gone ahead with the renaming, and the name change became official on Thursday.

The foreign ministry says that Taiwan’s sovereignty over the islands remains beyond doubt, and that no unilateral move can change the fact that the islands are part of its territory.


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