VIDEO: Wanted: Taipei Zoo’s anteater goes missing

  • 15 October, 2020
  • Paula Chao
Taipei Zoo’s anteater goes missing

Taipei Zoo’s anteater has been missing for a month and a half. The zoo is calling on Taipei-area residents to help find the mammal as soon as possible.

Footage released by Taipei Zoo shows its anteater carrying a six-month-old baby on its back. It runs along the barrier of its enclosure and then jumps into a moat. This footage was taken on September 1, and the anteater hasn’t been seen since.

Taipei Zoo spokesperson Eric Tsao says it’s obvious the electric fence did not stop the anteater from running away.

The anteater and its baby moved to Taipei Zoo in late August. Although the zoo found the baby on the same day of the escape, its mother has been missing for a month and a half.

Taipei Zoo is concerned about the anteater’s safety. That’s because the cold weather approaching Taiwan is not good for the tropical mammal. That’s not to mention possible attacks by stray dogs and wild civets.

Tsao says the search is still on. 


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