Economics Ministry reports on supply chain cooperation with US

  • 22 October, 2020
  • John Van Trieste
Deputy Economics Minister Chen Chern-Chyi (Photo Courtesy The Executive Yuan)

The economics ministry has delivered a report to the Cabinet on cooperation with the US during a time of global supply chain reorganization.


In the report, the economics ministry named cutting-edge technology, green and innovative technology, the medical supply industry, and developing global markets as priority areas for Taiwan-US cooperation on supply chains.

It also suggests cooperation in supply chains for AI, semiconductors, and telecommunications products.

Deputy Economics Minister Chen Chern-Chyi told Cabinet members that in addition to the manufacturing sector, cooperation with the US also extends into next-generation technologies, as evidenced by Taiwan’s joint research on 5G with Cisco Systems, and the decision of Google and Amazon to set up research and development centers in Taiwan.


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