“Liquid Love” and “Sound Meridians” exhibitions debut at MOCA Taipei

  • 16 November, 2020
  • Leslie Liao
“Liquid Love” and “Sound Meridians” exhibitions debut at MOCA Taipei
The Museum of Contemporary Art rolled out two new exhibitions that will go on into 2021

The Museum of Contemporary Art has two new exhibitions on display leading up into the new year– "Sound Meridians” and “Liquid Love.”

“Sound Meridians” is jointly curated by Taiwanese, Filipino, Singaporean and Malaysian artists. The exhibition puts focus on using human senses to evoke metaphor and symbolism. Primarily, the display explores how the four different Asian cultures communicate through sound.

The Taiwanese portion of “Sound Meridians” delves into how the classic folk song Rainy Night Flower has fared and evolved through developments in audio technology. Audio-visual mediums are used to explore Philippine history with sound experimentation. The Singaporean aspect of the exhibit manifests itself as a pop-up store, which takes an in-depth look at an avante-garde musician’s contribution to the Singapore’s electronic music scene. Lastly, the Malaysian section is a dissection of the Malysian national anthem.

The “Liquid Love” exhibition is a collection of works taken from seven different artists. It builds upon the theories of liquidity posed by Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman by exploring how information technology has impacted peoples’ lives. 

Both “Sound Meridians” and “Liquid Love” will run until January 24 next year.


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