Gov’t mulls new health insurance rules for citizens abroad

  • 26 November, 2020
  • John Van Trieste
Gov’t mulls new health insurance rules for citizens abroad
New rules under discussion may require citizens abroad for up to two years to continue paying for national health insurance.

The government is considering adopting new rules about payments into the national health insurance system by citizens living abroad.

Current rules allow Taiwanese citizens living abroad for between six months to two years to opt out of paying into the system and resume payments—and coverage—upon their return.

The government is considering doing away with this choice to opt out and requiring citizens living abroad for less than two years to continue insurance payments.

The government is also considering changing the rules that govern insurance for those who have been abroad for more than two years. The proposed changes would require those returning after two years or more abroad to wait six months on their return before receiving coverage again.

Those wishing to get coverage immediately on their return to Taiwan will have to make back payments into the system covering the period they were abroad.

The health minister says that there is not enough time to decide on whether to adopt these rules before the end of the year. He says discussions on changing the rule are expected next year.


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