Meet the people fixing your mullet roe woes

  • 11 January, 2021
  • Leslie Liao
Meet the people fixing your mullet roe woes
Mullet roe producers have gotten really good at fixing imperfections in the delicacy!

Mullet roe is a traditional delicacy eaten on special occasions in Taiwan. It’s a rare treat, so when people get it, they want an immaculate product. Even if a piece of mullet roe isn’t made perfectly pretty, sellers have their way of making them look good enough for even the most extravagant banquet.

Mullet roe fresh off the grill is a delectable treat enjoyed around holidays and on special occasions in Taiwan. When looking to purchase the delicacy, people want the best. Regardless of what your grandmother who loves you unconditionally tells you, here, looks matter. 

Not all mullet roe are made equal because a lot can happen during the production process. Things that should stick together don’t. Stuff that should be in place falls out of place. Unfortunately, when it comes to mullet roe, anything that looks less than perfect will fetch an imperfect price. 

But years of experience have taught mullet roe producers how to give their product a facelift.

A little scrape here, a little buffer there, and this mullet roe is as good as the rest. Got a little bile in your roe? No problem! Mullet roe producers have seen and dealt with all kinds of mullet roe woes.

Once imperfections are taken out of the product, the mullet roe is left out to dry. Once they’re ready for market, you can’t even tell which ones needed a little nip and tuck.


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