Gov’t to map out policy to transform civil service manpower

  • 12 January, 2021
  • Paula Chao
Gov’t to map out policy to transform civil service manpower
Examination Yuan President Huang Jong-tsun was invited to speak at the opening ceremony of the forum. (Photo by Examination Yuan)

The government is working on a strategy to make better use of its civil service manpower.

The policy will include cross-disciplinary exchanges among civil servants and the lifting of restrictions on the recruitment of accredited professionals, among other things.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Civil Service held a forum called “Sustainable Development, Revitalize Manpower: the Transformation of Human Resources Management in Government.”

Officials from the European Union and Israel were invited to share their experience at the forum. Head of the European and Economic Trade Office, Filip Grzegorzewsk, said EU officials enjoy job security because their positions are for life. However, he said the downside is some are less motivated and those who do not do a good job won’t be dismissed.

Legal advisor to Israel’s Civil Service Commissioner, Ron Duhl, said Israel’s civil service is undergoing digital transformation. He said one sixth of its civil servants will be replaced by automation over the next decade.


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