Military begins islandwide air-defense training exercises

  • 22 March, 2021
  • Leslie Liao
Military begins islandwide air-defense training exercises
The military dispatches various units to different parts of Taiwan for training drills

Taiwan’s military launched an islandwide field training exercise on Monday to boost its air-defense readiness. The exercise is part of “Combat Readiness Month” and will last one week. During this time, Taiwan’s military units will actively train in various parts of the island. 

Taiwan’s military designates one month out of every quarter as “Combat Readiness Month.” The purpose of the occasion is to better integrate Taiwan’s military branches with one another. March was the first such month of 2021. 

Each week of the month, the military concentrated on different training programs. The first three weeks of March focused on reconnaissance, war simulation, and terrain exercises respectively.

The fourth week began Monday and will consist of field exercises. During this drill, the military will bolster Taiwan’s air-defense capabilities.  

The drills come in the face of increased military pressure from China, which sees Taiwan as part of its territory. Over the past few months, China has ramped up air and naval incursions into Taiwanese space. 


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