Pentagon monitoring Chinese military exercise near Taiwan

  • 07 April, 2021
  • Paula Chao

US Department of Defense Spokesperson John Kirby says that The Pentagon is monitoring a Chinese military exercise in waters near Taiwan. Kirby made the statement in a news briefing on Tuesday.

While Kirby declined to comment on Beijing’s intention to hold the exercise, he said that Washington’s “one China’ policy remains unchanged. Kirby also said that the Pentagon will continue supplying Taiwan with defensive weapons to help the island boost its defensive capabilities and that it will also continue monitoring the surrounding region. 

According to Japan’s Ministry of Defense, six Chinese vessels, including its aircraft carrier Liaoning, were moving towards the Pacific Ocean last Saturday.

A day later, the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group also entered the South China Sea to conduct routine operations. Kirby said Washington will continue navigating and operating in international waters and airspace in accordance with international law.


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