Migrant worker cluster infection identified at New Taipei paper company

  • 09 June, 2021
  • Leslie Liao
Migrant worker cluster infection identified at New Taipei paper company
Migrant workers of a New Taipei City paper company are now involved in a COVID-19 cluster infection

Many eyes were on Taiwan’s Miaoli County this week as COVID-19 cluster infections at four tech firms in the area raised concerns. The infections stemmed from migrant workers, who often share living quarters and work spaces. Now, a paper company in New Taipei City has a cluster of its own, with eleven migrant workers testing positive for COVID-19.

This is Mr. Li, and he’s not too happy. That’s because a paper company that shares a building with him continued operations despite knowing one of its employees had COVID-19. This paper company is located in New Taipei City, which has the most COVID-19 cases in Taiwan. 

On June 6, the paper company found out that one of its employees contracted COVID. On June 7, 21 Vietnamese migrant workers were given rapid antigen tests, five of which came back positive. It was only then that the company partially suspended operations. Finally, on June 8, two days after learning of the first infection, PCR tests revealed that eleven migrant workers at the company had COVID-19. The company has now temporarily shut down until June 22. 

The paper company says that the bigger problem surrounding migrant worker infections is the fact that they share a dormitory. The company says that the disease most likely circulated among migrant workers because of their close living conditions. The New Taipei City Government says it has moved the infected people to quarantine centers.

Mr. Li says that all companies in the building share an elevator, and that the paper company has put everyone at risk with its negligence.


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