VIDEO: “Plum rains” slowly fill up reservoirs in Taiwan after dry spell

  • 18 June, 2021
  • Shirley Lin
VIDEO: “Plum rains” slowly fill up reservoirs in Taiwan after dry spell
Water level almost back to normal at Sun Moon Lake

Good news has come to those who live in central Taiwan! After months of serious drought, the seasonal “plum rains” have brought the water level of one of the area’s most famous lakes almost back up to normal. 

Recent “plum rains” have restored the scenery at central Taiwan’s famous Sun Moon Lake back to its former beauty. The water level in the lake had fallen to just 733 meters amid Taiwan’s most serious drought in more than 50 years. The lake was so dry that parts of the bottom were exposed and vegetation started growing there. Now, the water level has risen back up to 746 meters. It will only take a final two meters to bring the lake’s water level back up to normal. 

Nearby residents are happy to see that a local statue of nine frogs stacked on top of one another—used to gauge water levels in the lake—is now nearly submerged after a long period of being nearly all the way above the water. 

Elsewhere in the region, Miaoli County’s Liyutan Reservoir is also seeing water levels rise again. The water had fallen so low that sludge was seen along the edges of the reservoir. Now the reservoir is back to 41% capacity. Another 20 meters of rain and the reservoir will be full again. 

Hopefully, with typhoon season just starting, even more rain is on its way.


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