Mainland Affairs Council: President’s speech in line with reality

  • 12 October, 2021
  • Tomasz Koper
Mainland Affairs Council: President’s speech in line with reality
Head of Mainland Affairs Council, Minister Chiu Tai-san (photo: MAC)

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council Minister Chiu Tai-san says President Tsai’s National Day speech only emphasized the reality of the Republic of China’s existence. The Republic of China is Taiwan’s official name, while China claims Taiwan as part of its territory.  Chiu’s words are in response to China’s Taiwan Affairs Office’s criticism of the speech, which called it a provocation and a plot for Taiwan independence.

In her National Day address, President Tsai said that her administration will adhere to four commitments: to a free and democratic constitutional system, to prevent China and Taiwan from being subordinate to each other, to resist annexation and encroachment from China, and to let the people of Taiwan decide their own future.

Chiu says the Republic of China should emphasize its existence and international standing, especially at a time when China is trying to rearrange matters. He says ROC’s constitution clearly states that the future of Taiwan will be determined by its people.

Premier Su Tseng-chang also says President Tsai’s speech conformed with the reality of the situation. He says not only does China want to attack and annex Taiwan, despite having never ruled over it, it also wants to change the history of the 1911 Revolution, which Taiwan’s National Day commemorates.


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