CDC: Medigen vaccine may be 80-90% effective

  • 14 October, 2021
  • Tomasz Koper
CDC: Medigen vaccine may be 80-90% effective
Medigen's vaccine production line (photo: Reuters/TPG)

A study published on Thursday in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet Respiratory Medicine says the Taiwan-made Medigen COVID-19 vaccine offers 80-90% protection against the disease. That came a day after the vaccine was approved for emergency use in the African nation of Eswatini.

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control expert Li Bing-ying says that after comparing antibody concentrations from the study with those from the Oxford-AstraZeneca research team, it seems Medigen vaccine’s protection rates should be in the range of 80-90%. This vaccine’s effectiveness has been questioned by many in Taiwan. The company was criticized for using the controversial immune-bridging technique to accelerate approval for use.

Medigen is also trying to enter foreign markets besides Eswatini. It is conducting a small-scale phase 3 trial in Paraguay, and has obtained approval for testing in the European Union.


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