Foreign minister: Taiwan will never bow to Chinese pressure

  • 29 November, 2021
  • Tomasz Koper
Foreign minister: Taiwan will never bow to Chinese pressure
Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu (photo: CNA)

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu says that Taiwan “will never bow to the Chinese pressure. Never, never, never.” That statement on Monday came a day after 27 Chinese warplanes breached Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

The latest Chinese sortie included a Y-20 aerial refueling plane for the first time, leading one military expert to suggest that China is strengthening the long-range capabilities of its air force.

Taiwan’s Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng says that Taiwan is facing an increasingly serious threat. With Chinese planes approaching Taiwan’s airspace multiple times a week, Chiu says China’s aim seems to be the gradual depletion of Taiwan’s defensive capabilities. Chiu says the defense ministry has a response strategy and is gathering intelligence for future action.

Speaking at the legislature on Monday, Foreign Minister Wu gave a direct response to news of the warplanes’ incursion, saying Taiwan will never give in to pressure from China. He also says Taiwan will continue to strengthen ties with other like-minded countries.

The latest encroachment into Taiwan’s ADIZ comes at a time of increased political exchanges between Taiwan and friendly legislators abroad. A visiting US congressional delegation left Taiwan on Friday, while a group of lawmakers from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia arrived on Sunday.


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